Congratulations! If you’ve come this far you believe that you’re ready to be an exhibitor at Burning Cat 2020…but are you?

Burning Cat strives to be the card gaming, tabletop play, pop-culture EVENT you’ve always wanted to attend; less screens and more face-to-face fun! Fill out the form below to summon our Event Specialists and prepare your application for our Dark Lord of Fun to review! *cue maniacal laugh*

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Each 10ft x 10ft booth includes: 8ft high drapery along the back of the booth, 3ft high drapery on two sides of the booth, (1) 6ft skirted table, (2) plastic side chairs, (1) wastebasket, (1) identification sign, and (2) exhibitor badges. Power, internet, and additional furnishing are not included but can be purchased at the expense of the exhibitor.