Congratulations! If you’ve come this far you believe that you’re ready to be an exhibitor at Burning Cat 2020…but are you?

In an effort to create a FUN event we’d love to hear a little bit about your idea of a good time! After all…a convention should be the goodest time!

On our Exhibitor Application you’ll see all of the usual "Company Name," "Contact Info," "Are you the Gate Keeper/Keymaster?" questions, but we also have a section labeled "Tier of Awesome" to outline what you had in mind for Burning Cat.

Please be honest with your selection and description as it will help us plan the event space accordingly. If you’ve had an idea of something you’ve always wanted to try at a convention but couldn’t, let us know! If you’re just going to bring the thunder, we’ll bring the crowd!

Lastly, make sure you read our "Early Bird" discount special for 20% off your booth space!

Still have questions before filling out the application? Email us at [email protected]

The Tiers of Awesome


You’re here to sell things.

Doin' Good


You’re going to plan something fun, like drawing sketches or a "spin the wheel" mystery prize.

Doin' Better


Step back…I’m going to blow your ass off.
A Transformative Display of Wonder and Fun

Doin' Bestest
Download the application, fill it out, send it back.

Exhibitor Application
Wait, there's more!

Are you an artist, creator, game designer, inventor, or just have a cool idea to share? Sign up for Creators Alley! Don’t let the name fool you, we promise you’re not in a REAL alley, in fact, you’re actually front and center at the main entrance!

Creators Alley Application