Get your table in Creators Alley at Burning Cat 2020

Attention Creatives:

Tables at Burning Cat are


In order to be considered for a free table,

you must complete a quest:

1. Kings and Lords, step aside

You must be an artist, designer, builder, inventor, performer, or creative. We’re looking for creative people, not big companies. If you’re a big company you should apply to be an exhibitor.

2. Swear Fealty to our Twitter account

You must follow @BurningCatCon on Twitter.

3. Make an offering to our queen

Make a digital offering to our Catleesi. She is the massive, furry cat statue that presides over Burning Cat. Examples of offerings include drawings, poetry, songs, or sculptures. Whatever you create, you must post it and tag #BurningCat

The Burning Cat Queen

4. Thou shalt fill out the form

After completing the above steps, fill out the form to apply for a free table in Creators Alley.

By clicking submit you agree to Exploding Kittens' Privacy Policy.    ||   * indicates required.

Included in the 6ft x 6ft Creators Alley space: (1) 6ft Table; (1) Chair; (1) Wastebasket; (1) Sign; (1) Exhibitor Badge.
Additional exhibitor badges will be available for purchase.