Burning Cat welcomes all.


The Oregon Convention Center grounds are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. There are elevators, restrooms, concessions, and telephones designed to accommodate the needs of those with physical and non-physical impairments.

If you need mobility assistance to make your visit easier or more comfortable, please stop by the Administration Office on Level 2 to rent a wheelchair or electric scooter.

Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Accessibility Helpers & Priority Access

Burning Cat will provide accessibility bracelets to attendees with mobility, vision, hearing or other disabilities and their paid personal care attendant.

  • These bracelets will provide priority access and priority seating to Burning Cat.
  • Paid personal care attendants will be provided a complimentary badge to assist the individual with disabilities.

Please visit the badge pick-up area to obtain the bracelets and your badges.

  • You may also request a door code for entry from our receptionists in the Administration Office on Level 2 and by calling 503-235-7575.

Public Restrooms

  • Restrooms, including family and gender-neutral restrooms, are available in public areas.
  • Restroom entrances have a clear opening of 32 inches and all public restroom entrances have automatic doors.
  • Sinks are mounted at least 29 inches from the floor (measured from the bottom of the apron) for wheelchair knee clearance and the drainpipe allows for toe clearance.
  • Faucet controls automatically start through sensors.
  • All restroom dispensers and accessories are within reach of a person seated in a wheelchair.
  • All restrooms have at least one stall with a clear, 32-inch opening.
  • The accessible toilet stall is arranged to provide either side or front approach by someone in a wheelchair.
  • Grab bars are of sufficient length and are located along the sides and backs of the accessible stalls.
  • Flush controls and toilet paper rolls are positioned so someone using a front approach to the toilet can reach them.

Parking, Passenger Drop-off & Loading Zones

  • All parking levels in the OCC parking garage include accessible spaces within easy access of elevators.
  • There are 10 accessible spaces on Parking Level 1 (P1) and 11 accessible spaces on Parking Level 2 (P2).
  • Parking Level 2 (P2) includes accessible areas with a 9-foot ceiling clearance to accommodate adapted vehicles.
  • All zones are located on an accessible route to an accessible building entrance.
  • All zones have adequate vertical and horizontal clearance.
  • Not all zones have an unobstructed aisle next to the vehicle pull-up space. There is a public-use sidewalk, which may be obstructed by pedestrians and attendees.

Wheelchair & Scooter on-site Rentals

  • The center works with a third-party-vendor, ScooterBug, to offer five wheelchairs and five electric convenience vehicles (EVCs) for rent to patrons.
  • Wheelchairs are $15 per day.
  • ECVs rent for $35 per day and are available to rent onsite on a first come first serve basis.
  • The rental period is on a daily basis, not per 24 hour period.
  • Wheelchairs and ECVs can be returned at any point during the day but will be charged the full rate.
  • Wheelchairs, scooters & other power-driven mobility devices (i.e. Segways)
  • OCC only allows powered wheelchairs, scooters and Segways for people with disabilities as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act and as long as they can be operated safely in our facility.
  • Only electric or battery-powered OPDMD (other power-driven mobility device) are allowed inside the facility.
  • OPDMD cannot travel at a speed greater than the pedestrian traffic.
  • OPDMD users travel the pedestrian route.
  • OPDMD users understand that on-site storage space is limited.

Service Animals

Animals or pets, with the exception of ADA Service Animals, are not permitted in the OCC. ADA defines a service animal as any guide dog, signal dog or miniature horse individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. If they meet this definition, animals are considered service animals under the ADA.

First Aid & Medical Attention

  • The facility has two fully equipped first aid rooms, one located in the Exhibit Hall A Lobby and the other outside Exhibit Hall E.
  • EMTs may be contacted by picking up any house phone and dialing “7575” or by alerting any OCC staff member.
  • The building also has multiple defibrillator stations (AEDs) located in public spaces for immediate response to a medical emergency.

Nursing Room

  • OCC provides two Mamava nursing suites for our visitors. These private and secure suites are located near the A and E Meeting Rooms on Level 1.
  • They are ADA-compatible with a comfortable seating area and are equipped with standard AC power outlets and USB charger ports.
  • All Mamava suites come with a Bluetooth SmartLock that syncs with Mamava’s mobile app. Download the app at
  • You may also request a door code for entry from our receptionists in the Administration Office on Level 2 and by calling 503-235-7575.