Corona Virus make cat sad.

The future of Burning Cat.

Like the rest of you, we’ve been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak since March of 2020. Unfortunately, Exploding Kittens has come to the difficult decision to postpone our first annual Burning Cat indefinitely. We were so excited to bring our community together in real life for the first time, but your safety is our priority. However, stay tuned. Because we have ideas. Lots of them.

For more information check out our lovely FAQs.

Our lovely FAQs
Burning Cat. A convention from the creators of Exploding Kittens and the Oatmeal.

What is this?

Burning Cat is a tabletop carnival of oversized games, comics, and two-story tall cat monsters. It’s game night distilled into a weekend of creative amusements and hairy fireballs.

Portland, Oregon

Oregon Convention Center


The things you can do

at Burning Cat

Play a

Humongous Game

of Exploding Kittens

Come play the world’s largest game of Exploding Kittens with cards that are probably taller than you.


the big and hairy

vending machine

You could get a glittering dragon egg or you could get a dirty potato. There is no telling what kind of blessings our vending machine will bestow upon you.

The Exploding Kittens Human Vending Machine at Burning Cat The Exploding Kittens Human Vending Machine at Burning Cat

Play a massive game of

Freeze Tag

Come help us attempt to set the world record for the world's largest game of freeze tag.

A huge game of freeeze tag at Burning Cat

No Screens.

Lo-fi Experiences

Come play games that don't involve devices or screens. Almost all of our amusements are analog and emphasize having tactile, hands-on gaming.

Lo-fi fun at Bunring Cat


Stupid Games

Carnivalesque challenges.

These games are for warriors, not for deep thinkers.

Stupid games at Burning Cat


Smart Games

cards, tabletop, and more.

Play an old favorite or discover your next favorite tabletop game. Borrow a game from our massive library and we'll get a table going for you.

Smart games at Burning Cat

Step Into the

Throw Throw Burrito
Dodgeball Cage

This is what happens when you combine card games with dodgeball and then stick players into a caged arena full of chaos and destruction.

The cat who burns

Towering over it all will be our Burning Cat statue. She is our Goddess. Our muse. Our Catleesi. She will preside over the convention like a furry Sauron. There will be a countdown timer at her feet. When the convention ends, she will erupt with the light of a thousand stars. She will implode into something terrible and wonderful. She will transform.

She will "burn."